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So I am thinking of doing a Give Away just for fun. Any ideas on what the give away should be I am thinking of buying just a couple of things from the disney store I will show you what you can win?  

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Oh my goodness has everyone seen all the Brave stuff on the Disney store website !!! I need it all! 

Classic Brave Merida Doll -- 11'' H

Soft Merida Plush Doll -- 20'' H

Deluxe Brave Figure Play Set -- 10-Pc.

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Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Through the eyes of the Imagineers

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Casey Jones sharing a new Indiana Jones action figure which he helped create. This articulated figure comes with a background scene and all sorts of accessories like Indy’s infamous whip and a removable fedora! 

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Finally an actual digital rendering of what to expect from Walt Disney Worlds new Storybook Circus area! 

This area now includes the old Dumbo’s Flying Ride along with another identical Dumbo’s Flying ride to reduce traffic on the rides. The tents are said to be conditioned areas with more arcade like games.

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New pictures on the expansion at Walt Disney World on Maurice’s Cottage 

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New photos from Beasts Castle! 

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